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I Want Too

I show you my scribble plans
The ink on my hands
Hold it up for you to see, struggle and the charm
(What do you want me to be?)

David writes very eloquently. I like this especially. I want, too.

4 thoughts on “I Want Too

  1. Thanks very much 🙂

    After a month of working in the lab fifteen hours a day (look forward to CS in third+fourth year :P) I found myself thinking and then humming ‘I’m told theres light at the end of the tunnel but I want more than light, I want you’ it was emotionally significant so I decided to wrap something around it.

    I like yer blog

  2. It’s funny, My roomate (flatmate whatever you guys call them), named David also, is getting married in March, I am working with a missions organization and possibly going to Pakistan to an english school there to help out. In conversation last night David said he had not had enough time to use the gifts God has given him and it sparked a discussion about sacrifice after I had pointed out that he was putting something worldly before God. The conversation ended with me saying, “you know what I look forward to most about going away on a long-term missions trip”?, David said “no”. I replied “to beable to focus on and spend time with God. you see my job is very mentally demanding and by the time I get home at night, I am anything but able to focus and study the Bible or reflect on what I have just read to allow God to speak to my heart. I too am putting this world before God”. It’s easy to get caught up in our lives and forget we have an awesome Father waiting to spend tim ewith us. God bless both of you.


  3. Thanks David! You’ve really made me look forward to 3rd and 4th year…. not!

    Shawn… the Pakistan trip sounds like it would be amazing. I’ve been on a few short-term mission trips, and while they’ve been hard work (physically and spiritually), God has always given me so much more from them than I feel I’ve given! Hope it all works out for you.

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