Just read a couple of really challenging posts.

Brant Hansen posted a great mini-essay (it’s fairly long!) on church, the American Dream, and the kingdom of God. Read it here. I love his honesty about the struggles he has with conventional church.

Shaun also posted some comments on Brant’s post here. (The title of this post is also the title of Shauns post, and comes out of Brants post.)

Here’s a brief quote (its all worth a read!):

I think I’ve taken one too many trips. I can’t listen to “Where the Streets Have No Name” anymore without crying. Here are a few of the faces I see:

In Calcutta, I met a little girl who looks just like the other uniformed girls in her Christian school in the slums…

Please tell me, again, about how we need to “attract” more Americans, using more features, to a building, when in some places, they have to fence kids from the church building, for lack of funds?

I think I am beginning to get to that ‘too many trips’ stage. I think it’s a good thing. What about anyone else? Any thoughts on this?