Time for a review…

For me, there are two key, stand-out ideas/thoughts that I am meditating on currently.

“But maybe faith has less to do with gaining knowledge and more to do with causing wonder. Maybe a relationship with God doesn’t simplify our lives. Maybe it complicates our lives in ways that they should be complicated.”

It’s true. Being a Christian is not going to make your life easier. If you got sold that lie when you gave Jesus control, I’m sorry, but it’s just not true. The call of Jesus goes the other direction – its about making our lives more difficult, more complicated. It’s choosing to give ourselves away, be more generous and disciplined and loving and free. More ourselves. And people are complicated. That’s why when our churches grow, it gets more complicated.

So what if instead of fretting about how complicated something is, we simply allow ourselves to wonder about the greatness of a God who has it all under control?

One of our greatest spiritual shortcomings is low expectations. We don’t expect much from God because we aren’t asking for much.”

This one… wow this one is really impacting me. I’ve kind of made a pact with God that I don’t want to pray anything I don’t mean anymore. I find it so easy to just pray and waffle and not even really know what I’ve said at the end. I don’t want that. I want to know his power in my prayers. I want to pray expectantly… waiting and believing God will answer.

No more lip-service. Chase your lions!

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