I’m in Glasgow again. I know… I’m hard to track down some days.

Yesterday I was at a promotional/pastor/talking/meeting thing with Rob Bell (author of Velvet Elvis – which of course you’ve all read by now – and creator/innovator of the Nooma teaching DVD series).

We started by watching the latest Nooma, Breathe, which has just been released Stateside, dont think it’s out here yet. Then Rob spoke very brielfy on who he is, what he does, etc. Then it was thrown open to a question time.

There were several points I loved/was impacted by:

* The Hebrew mind is completely comfortable with tension, with the idea that two things can be true at the same time.

* Someone asked him about his teaching, and he said that he doesn’t teach anything that hasn’t already been brewing deep inside him for months or even years.

* “Some people simply aren’t going to be able to make the journey.”

Rob also shared something they did one Easter weekend, which I thought was an amazing idea. Instead of having a Good Friday service, they had a ‘Bad Friday’ service – a day of mourning, real sadness and rawness and emotion, which leaves the tension unresolved until the Easter Sunday service, when they blow the roof off with praise! How great an idea is that, how much more powerful would it make Easter feel to me or you?

Rob Bell & Me