It’s funny how God works.

Take for example, my friend Jill. Went to see her at the weekend as you know. God connected us via a church with 20,000 members in a different continent.

Or my new friend Fiona. I met her at Jill’s church over the weekend. She’s in my Biblical Studies class and I never even knew it.

Or all my new friends I’m meeting here in Glasgow. Somehow find ways of being connected to most of them (nearly all the Northern Irish ones anyway) somehow.

Take Rachel. She was in Uganda in the summer with two of my friends.

Or Lucy. Who works on farms of people I know.

Or Anne. Who has been to camp with some of my closest friends from home.

Or David. Who lives about 4 mile from my home.

Or randomly bumping into a person from the church I grew up in, in a church here in Glasgow.

I like how God connects things! And I’m just one small person… does this happen to everyone?