I’m off to Gourock tomorrow morning to stay with my friend Jill…

You may remember me mention Jill before, we meet while we were both in Chicago over the summer. She was there for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, but had flown out a few days early, which is how we bumped into her… My Exodus team was visiting some of Willow’s ministries about a week before the Summit, and Jill was there too, so she joined us for the rest of the day… and we meet a few times during the Summit too.

She ministers in a church in Gourock, which is not too far from Glasgow, so I’m heading over tomorrow to catch up with her and have a wee break out of the city!

Jill has a lovely heart… she is so open, genuine, and loving… she makes you feel at ease very quickly! She is also pretty astute… she knows what it is you need, and she’ll try to give you it if she can (i.e. discernment).

I’m excited about catching up and meeting some of her young people from the church!