Batwoman Pyramid

So today I took part in the underground treasure hunt that Glasgow uni C.U. organised… rather fun despite the small turnout! We got the tube different places around the city/uni, and had to find people in fancy-dress, where we then proceeded to carry out a task to receive their signature. Above is us meeting Batwoman, and creating a human pyramid while singing the Batman theme tune.

Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete… he made us juggle.


Dave as a spy… we had to accompany him along the road for a short period of time, trying not to draw attention to ourselves, despite the fact that he was shouting ‘Go! Go! Go! Don’t look suspicious!’ On an interesting side-note, Dave also did maths and computer science for the first two years of his degree… fun guy!

In The Bin

Ah yes… better not asking!

And so completes another day in Glasgow…