I was going to post some of my notes and thoughts from Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit, but What If.. has posted great notes over on his site, so I will just link you over to him…

Session 1: Life Cycle of a Leader (Bill Hybels)
Session 2: Enemies of a Growing Church (James Meeks)
Session 3: Focused Leadership (Andy Stanley)
Session 4: Tribal Warfare (Peg Neuhauser) (Session 3 & 4 are from Tony Morgan’s blog, thanks!)
Session 5: The Risky Business of Hiring Stars (Ashish Nanda) & When Business Thinking Fails The Church (Jim Collins)
Session 6: Bono: An Excluive Personal Interview
Session 7: Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars (Patrick Lencioni)
Session 8: Dead Leader Running (Wayne Cordeiro)
Session 9: The Power of Clarity (Bill Hybels)