Yesterday we went out for pizza with a couple of guys from Harvest Bible Chapel, Brian and Kirk… awesome guys. Went to a place called Ginos East, had proper deep dish Chicago pizza! Think, Northern Ireland deep dish pizza, well, Chicago deep dish is twice that depth, it’s like pie. Soo good.

Today we spent the day at churches… traditional service at Sycamore, a service at Orchard, an AMAZING BBQ (and swimming in the pool!) at Bill’s house, and the youth service (extreme connecctions) at Sycamore this evening. Meeting some incredible people. Meet a new friend at Orchard this morning who has just started reading my blog… Becky (Becca? I’m not sure, sorry!) it is great to have you reading!

My new friend Marty introduced me to this amazing story today… check it out here.

I am tired… 4 church services in 27 hours… woohoo!