This place is amazing. Do I have to go home??

We spent yesterday at Willow Creek Community Church… the place is huge. Like, I joked that you could fit all of my local village (Ahoghill) into their buildings! The people so far have been to most incredible thing. Such hospitality, such generosity. Dave, Joe, Pete… everyone has their own individual stories, each one amazing. It’s infectious! I reckon I will post more when I get home, along with some pics… haven’t really processed much yet!

Today however… man today has been SOOO special to me… actually meeting Scott (check the links!). The man is an inspiration… we spent all afternoon and into the evening talking with him, headed over to Starbucks part way through… I think we spent maybe 7 hours with him, and it felt like we’d only had an hour, but equally like we were all old friends. His passion is so incredible, and the story of their church… unbelievable. I just feel so very privillaged to have spent time with him. I do have a pic of us together, but again I’ll post that laters!

Riteyo I should head towards bed… sleep well my friends.