* 1st Baptist Church Sycamore
* Harvest Bible Chapel
* Willow Creek Community Church
* Orchard Valley Community Church
* Jesus People USA
* Willow Creek Leadership Summit


The Ex-tend course is designed to multiply disciplers, to invest in those who want to build God’s Kingdom (2 Tim 2:2). The team members are: Trevor and Emma Loughridge (team leaders), Paula-Jean (PJ) Thompson, Alan Lynch, Emma Boyd, Georgine McMichael and Audrey Martin.

The team have met for four residentials before spending two weeks in Chicago on a ministry tour. The tour is designed to be an investment in member which in turn will result in an investment in others as team members return and minister to people. The team will visit ministries who are impacting their local community for God. From youth initiatives to financial planning to home groups to social issues, members will experience the different ways that church is acted out. The final weekend will be at Willow Creek Leadership summit.

It would be great if you would pray for us!!
* Our desire is to see how God’s purpose for His church is worked out withing different communities and age groups so that we would be able to be inspired and bring ideas back to our own church/ministry situations.
* For safety as we travel (Trev’s driving!!)
* Great contacts
* That the individuals on the team will be future disciplers who impact many.