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Nothing is real.

As I sit here typing this post, my heart is far away. My mind floats through the air, searching for him. It drifts through the memories…conversations we've had, places we've gone, times we spent together. My soul longs for those times again.

But none of it was real. None of those moments were anything more than friendship. Oh, I can dream all I want to, remember all I want – but the fact remains. It wasn't real.  Nothing is real.

What do you do when you realise everything you've hungered for, is fake? 

It exists only in your mind. 

It doesn't exist.

It's not real. 

4 thoughts on “Real/Fake

  1. Who is to say what the nature of reality is? Sometimes vicarous experience is just as important as what we call ‘real’. What you have hungered for is not fake, it is an ideal that we all hold to, it is something deeply sewn in the soul of every person – the need to be loved and to love.

    There are things in this world that are not tangible, not felt by any of our six senses, this does not make them any less real. You cannot kill ideas, you cannot offend ideals, faith; faith that a man will die for, such a faith will be wrote off as pure madness by onlookers – yet it is real, it lives in him.

    You say it is fake, “It exists only in your mind,”

    At least it exists somewhere.

    It is not fake.

  2. emma. came across your blog via ryan via mike (awakening). will be tuning in – on your poetry / musings of math and science and spirituality / reality and consciousness. powerful things to think about. for those folks who don’t take the time to ask, what is time? or what is consciousness – they never realize we don’t have answers to these ever-present experiences / questions. and when your thoughts turn back to how big and deep and powerful God must be to create this reality – well, he gets bigger 🙂
    i’ll be plundering your amazon wishlist too –

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