I went out on the farm tonight, out quadbiking for the first time in a good while. Going through the routine… I pulled on an old jumper, pull on the running shoes, grab the keys, out the door…

And it felt great. Really great. I have no idea why, but when I was riding I had this innate sense of peace, contentment. This quote from Eric Liddle came to mind, who said that when he ran, he felt God's pleasure. Well tonight, I felt God's pleasure.

Pulling into the shed, parking, heading back inside… Circumstances and feelings are so changeable aren't they? Things aren't always easy. I still had my running shoes on at this stage. There was a brief moment were I thought, run. Go out a walk, go a run, just go. But that's the easy way out right? It's harder to stick around. Fight for the things you love. Face your fears. Face your demons. No-one said it would be easy. Quite the contrary. But its the only way to life. Running only wears you down, tires you out and kills the soul.

So stay. Fight. Live.