What's with all these junk surrounding Jesus these days? Do you know what I mean? Take the DaVinci Code for example (and I promise, this is the only mention it will get on my blog!). So many people are going to see it, or have read it, and are now questioning the things of God and of the church. Churches are holding meetings and preaching sermons and discussing in small groups the book and what it says. How much energy are we as a church expending on a fictional book? Now don't hear me wrong, I'm not saying we shouldn't be doing these things, I don't know to be quite honest.

What I am saying is… what if rather than spending all our energy on a fictional book, what if we actually stepped out of our comfort zones and loved some of these people?  What if we didn't put so much money into church building campaigns (again, i'm not saying it's wrong to do that) and spent it on buying the homeless guy breakfast and a hot drink, on giving the single mother a loaf and a pint of milk? What if we spent out time out in the homeless shelters and on the streets and at the soup kitchens and outside the bars where the people are? Have we got it the wrong way round? When Jesus was here on earth, he ate with the sinners, healed the lepers…. he spent His time with the outcasts. He didnt market Himself to get them into the synagogue… he went to wherever they were! What would happen if we stopped spending so much energy and money on our buildings, and took seriously our call to BE the church