So, I thought I should maybe expand upon that last post. About communicating. It’s true, you know.

On my last Exodus weekend (few weekends ago), we were talking about the problems/barriers we face when working with people around our ages, specifically discipling people.One of those barriers was the growth of ICT. Yes, it has brought many benefits. But strange as it seems to say it, it can also be a barrier to communication.

I haven’t been able to get that thought out of my head. It’s so true, even just looking at my own life I can see it. I’m not very good at talking about important things. It’s so much easier just to send a text/email/blog/instant messanger than actually to talk face to face. That can’t be good for us? To not be able to communicate wel, especially about the most important things. So what can we do to overcome it?

I’m working on that one…