“A set of flags and parameters that individual units of a side use to help decide what to do, typically to fill in details that are not specified explicitly by the units’ orders.”

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine tonight, and we got talking a little bit about doctrine. When I googled the word, I found the definition above. Which I kinda like! I’ve always had the belief that the doctrines of a church are not the most important thing about it, but when I found that definition I just thought… cool! I interpret it as meaning that the doctrines of a church etc are simply guidelines that we use to help us live out our faith practically, because God doesnt give us 100% answers on everything. Its like that verse in the Bible that talks about when the leaders of the church meet together to decide if the Gentiles had to be circumcised etc to be proper Christians… they came out saying ‘it seems good to us and to the Spirit…’… not a difinitive answers, just that it seemed right. I like it!