“I don’t like being predictable, but I am a compulsive enjoyer of life and beauty. What began as an exercise in praise has resulted in a life of continuous astonishment. I look for the flower breaking through the rock. I stop to appreciate the beauty and artistry of every sunset I have the opportunity to experience. Life is an adventure to be explored and excavated for its endless unexpected suprises and treasures. There is so much to enjoy. How could even one moment be lived without overflowing gratitude?

When we recognise that life is a gift and we are overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, when we fill every moment with praise for God’s goodness and thanks for His generosity, we find wholeness, and our hearts increase in their capacity to experience and give love.”

[Uprising – Erwin McManus]
I couldn’t help but share this quote today, because I think I’m starting to undestand it better!