Look at yesterdays post, ‘yes’. Funny how your feelings change so quickly.

Over the last few days, I’ve really felt an awful lot more, the cost of my dreams. Remember when I shared the vision God gave my Exodus team of Generation 24, a generation seeking after Gods’ face? Thats the vision. Translating it into school… seeing a school come alive to the glory of God. That’s the dream.

But man, is it costly. Been hard watching friends fall away from God, not really want Him so much anymore. Been hard trying to lead CU with the integrity and vision God longs to see. Its been hard not having the kinda of accountability I’d like to have.

These dreams cost everything.

Are they worth it? YES! I still want to see my dreams realised. I long to see Jesus enthroned in my life, in CU, in the whole school, in the community… worldwide.

Yes, these dreams cost. But this is what I was born for… I’m ready.