Argh… back to school. That sucks. Its kinda scary now… I’m actually leaving school THIS YEAR. Going to uni or whatever. Flip. Got an exam next week that I should be revising for now, but clearly, I’m procrastinating.

We got talking in economics class today about Christmas and presents and stuff, heres an , hmm whats the right verb?… interesting, no… worrying… statistic.

In the UK the average amount spent on Christmas presents per person is £250.
Thats roughly $500.

There are more than 2 BILLION people who live on less than $1 a day (i.e. $365 a year).

Do you get that? There are more than 2 billion people (roughly 2000 times the population of Northern Ireland) who have less money to live on in a year, than is spent on us in one Christmas. That really shocked me. How can I live like that? How can I not make sacrifices in the face of such overwhelming poverty? I think I can maybe do without that new camera, or that new phone, or that new computer screen i wanted…

2 billion people… $1 a day