“It must have been wonderful to spend time with Christ, with Somebody who liked you, loved you, believed in you, and sought a closeness foreign to skin-bound man. A person would feel significant in is presence. After all, those who knew Christ personally went on to accomplish amazing feats, proving unwavering devotion. It must have been thrilling to look into the eyes of God and have him look back and communicate that human beings, down to the individual, are of immense worth and beauty and worthy of intimacy with each other and the Godhead.”

[Don Millar]

I was just thinking about this again today, and my first reaction was, ‘Wouldn’t it have be great to have Jesus with you all the time? I wish I could see Him too.’

But heres the thing… He is, and I do.

Its just not in the same way. As a Christian, I am a new creation… God lives in me. He’s promised that He’s never going to leave me… ever! That He’s always with me, always has been with me, and always will be with me. Knowing that should be the joy of my heart.

Knowing that Jesus, the Son of God, who loved me so much that He willingly died for me…. did you catch that? He DIED for me!… Knowing that He is looking at me, that He thinks I’m important… Wow. What a confidence booster. It’s not about self-worth or self-esteem… it’s Christ-esteem… He’s everything.

And He tells me I’m important, valued and loved.