Friday night past was our Exodus recommissioning service – sending us out again, but this time into our homes, schools and workplaces, to be Jesus hands and feet here at home, not just on a two-week summer missions trip. The guy that spoke, Jeremy Gardner (youth pastor at High Kirk, Ally’s church) spoke on servanthood, and I really connected with something he said for the first time…

Is servanthood the best way to live?

A ‘successful’ life, as defined by the culture we live in, is one that is self-focused, all-about-me, and insular. It’s one where your world gets smaller and smaller.
A life of servanthood, by contrast, is one where you give yourself away. A little here, a little there, all over Ballymena, Northern Ireland and the world. It’s one where your world gets bigger and bigger.

Is servanthood the best way to live? Of course!! It’s logical – your world increases in time, not decreases.

So there you have it… something I’ve been thinking about over the weekend.