I’m back….

well folks its been a crazy week, but it has also been an awesome week. im reminded of how great our God is again! SonShine has been brilliant, and i have loved being a part of it again. I think one of my favourite moments this week was cleaning the toilets in the Fairhill Bar on Wednesday. Jonny had a really great chat with one of the barmaids for ages, and it really hit home again how powerful simple things can be. All week long we cleaned pub toilets, the bookmakers floor, gave out free newspapers, gave away a playstation, mp3 player, beauty packs etc. I love watchin God move through simple things like that. I will post some pictures in time, but for now im catching up on some sleep! check out allys pictures on his SonShine blog,

2 thoughts on “I’m back….

  1. are you still sleeping………..have you been ok, seriously? i was so sick last saturday and sunday, thought i caught a bug at the wb!! nasty

  2. lol yea sorry… keep meaning to update but havent quite got round to it. my blog will prob be bit random for a while now, cos im away so much over the next month. oh well. ive actually been ok after sonshine, was really drained just for first few days, but wasnt physically ill… you feeling better now? update soon, i promise!

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