Last night a guy from Calvery Chapel spoke at the Wash Basin, and it was a great night. Think the thing I took from it most was simply to appreciate the word ‘so’ – a word that implies the following word cannot posibly describe what it wants to convey. For example ‘so great’ meaning its greater than the word great can describe.

Last night we also launched a new team, called the Love Foundation. It will endevour simply to say ‘we love you’ to some of the very special people in our lives. To launch last night, they presented Tony with a wee dog. It was beautiful to watch these guys with tears in their eyes as they just showed him how much we appreciate him. I have to admit, there were tears close to my eyes too. The transformation in Tony’s life has been incredible.

It got me thinking about ‘broken’ people again. The WB has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many people from walks of life I never imagined… drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. It seems to be these guys that have the greatest capacity to love. Maybe it is like the guy said last night, maybe it is because their deliverance has been great. It’s playing on my mind heavy at the minute, I re-read Red Moon Rising again (very strategic book for school CU!) and have a quote running through my head…

“But maybe the call the pray is a call to bleed as well as to recieve blessing.”

What if God is calling us as a generation, to feel the pain all around us. This truly is a generation that seems to be hurting more profoundly than any other- just look at the suicide rates, among young people especially. And we know that prayer changes everything. So what if, as God calls us back to prayer, He’s really calling us to hurt? To feel the pain around us. To weep for the broken people. To meet them in their pains, rather than ‘pray from a distance’.

Where do we go from here?