Have you every really thought about the power of music? I was listening to an album today, and got to thinking about all the situations it’s used in- in films, adverts, shops, even a soundtrack to our own lives. Music seems to have some kind of magical quality about it that can produce all sorts of emotions and feelings within us. What is it about music than can do that to me? Is it the lyrics? The melody? What? There was a really good discussion on the philosphy of music on the Down to Earth forum, you can check it out here. Well, it took a while to get into it, but if you perserver there are some interesting points raised.

I think my favourite question raised was, “Does it communicate something, or is it a mirror for us to see in?” I dont know the answer to that question, but when i’ve thought about it, I think for most people it is some kinda of ‘mirror’ for us to see ourselves in. When you look at the types of music we listen to in different situations, it almost always seems to relate to whatever situation we’re going through… for example, think of the typical music you play when your going through a break-up, really romantic stuff, or when your high as a kit and everythings going great, you play something uplifting.

Its really cool! I wonder how God feels when he hears music? I wonder does he feel the same range of emotions from it? What does it sound like to God? Wow, big, mind-blowing thoughts!