Well, Ally, I finally got around to getting my very own blog… so here it is! How exciting, my first post.

Have had a fairly uneventful day today, was at work most of the day, but it was nice to have some time to lie in and just chill around the house for a change- no rush for school!

I have just finished reading Purpose Driven Youth Ministry this afternoon (another benefit of lazy days with no school etc) – great book. It has filled me with lots of new ideas and strategies for CU in the next year, far too many to list them all now but i will fill you in as i begin to make sense of them all. For now, heres what im thinking…

‘When you understand why your ministry exists, you will want to more carefully focus your time.’

‘If you are a leader who lives out the purposes, you will pull people instead of push them.’

‘Don’t allow doing the work of God to come at the expense of being God’s person.’

‘In all of your communication, express your heart; we want to see students grow spiritually.’

I guess what im saying is that im being reminded of how important it is for me to spend quality time with God. The more i see of Him, the more others will see of Him in me.