4 thoughts on “500 Days Of Summer

  1. This was a great movie, I really really loved it, and it had a kick ass soundtrack. I have so many movies I want to see at the moment, but I haven’t seen many recently, gotta get going to the cinema again…

  2. Yeah, I loved this movie too. The soundtrack was a parade of my favourite artists, Zooey Dechanel was enchanting and I though Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great. I spent half the movie with a huge grin on my face.

    Recommendation (in a rather different genre) – District 9 is a remarkable sci-fi social commentary. Bit gruesome, but amazing.

  3. Just in case you’ve forgotten – download The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition from the film’s soundtrack. Just beautiful. Was a little disappointed in the film (cos of geeky English things like plot and 2D characterisation) but loved loved loved the quirky bits. Enjoy your future cinema trips dearest.

  4. @ Connor: I’ll be seeing lots now I’ve got this pass!

    @ Mark: Me too – big grin. I’m actually heading to see District 9 tonight, so glad to hear good reports of it.

    @ Claire: Once I fix my t’interwebs I’ll get that music… might invest in the soundtrack, lots of great music on it.

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