One of the best things I did at Greennbelt was attend an evening worship event run by Church on the Corner. Decelerate: New Ways of Inhabiting the City was a reflection on the hectic, fast-paced rat race we are surrounded by living in the city.

It’s something I think about regularly. I love living in the city: I love all the hustle and bustle, the interaction, the diversity. Yet I need to slow down regularly. And maybe that’s where Sabbath comes back in again. But it was fantastic to sit down, slow down, and be reminded that I am not a slave, that nobody cares what I do for a living, that the world keeps on spinning when I stop for a minute.

demotivational poster

[See more demotivational posters from Church on the Corner on flickr]

And as we were reminded during the worship, it doesn’t matter if you win the rat race, at the end you’re still a rat.

2 thoughts on “Decelerate

  1. Hey Emma, really glad you enjoyed it so much! We repeated it at Church on the Corner the following sunday and it was perhaps even more appropriate there.

  2. @ Mark: Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been keeping an eye on CotC since I came across the liturgy of the city, so it was cool to experience, at least in part, your community at Greenbelt. Glad it was good for you in church too!

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