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World Humanitarian Day

I’m having a crazy week, so forgive me if I’m not around here much. I’ll update ya as much as I can, though I’m having issues with the WordPress app on my phone, so it might be a bit sparse.


I wanted to highlight that today is World Humanitarian Day. I’ve been reading about it a bit as I got back to work today, and as I tried to think what I could share, I realised that Neil Barry said it a lot better than I could…

“On this World Humanitarian Day I remember what makes humanitarian workers different – they are prepared to risk their lives for the convictions of their work.”

Read the rest of his blog on the DFID website. I’ve got so many memories of the short bursts of work I’ve done in the field, and so many more of the campaigning, advocacy and fundraising work I’ve been doing here in the UK. How about you – what do you think of World Humanitarian Day?

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  1. @ v02468: sorry for the delayed response! I’ve got an iphone. The wordpress app was giving me grief with publishing as well, but to be honest I haven’t tried since then. If it’s still playing up I’ll try reinstalling it.

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