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  1. Marvel’s Civil War, any of Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America, the graphic novel adaption of Raymond E. Feist’s ‘Magician’, Wolverine Origins, X-Men Messiah Complex, Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, The Ultimates, Cable and Deadpool, DC’s ‘Heroes’ graphic novels and anything illustrated by Humberto Ramos – just love his art style http://tinyurl.com/mk5kag.

  2. @ hol: no, blankets is the only thing I’ve read of Thompson’s. do you have the travel journal one?

    @ v02468: have seen the film, but not read it yet – it’s on the ‘to read’ list!

    @ Jim: wow, lots of recommendations – thanks!

  3. Woman… don’t make tempt me into telling you what to read! We will convene upon my return and I can introduce you to the wonders of graphic novels… but here are a few to start.
    -In agreement with Holly, Craig Thompson’s “Carnet de voyage” is good, and great for wanderlusters like you. He also wrote “Goodbye, Chunky Rice” which I haven’t read, but is meant to be good.
    – I have a couple of graphic novel collections with bits and bobs by a number of artists, which I can lend you when I get back, so you can have a look.
    – “Black Hole” by Charles Burns is sick and twisted and filled with teenage angst but is a real example of how powerful black and white can be… worth reading during the day (a bit creepy for night time reading).
    – Anything by Jiro Taniguchi. I especially like “Gourmet” which is about a travelling salesman (Japanese) and the meals he has during his travels around japan. Nice for the foody side of it. He has a lot of other stuff, if you can manage to find english versions.
    – Adrien Tomine’s novels. They are all about disappointment and the frustration related to everyday life. Angsty and violent at times, but beautiful and usually set as short stories making them good quick reads.

    Warning: if you want superhero comics, this is not the place to come looking for suggestions! i’m all about the bland every day life and it’s little emotions…

  4. @ Fran: A day of graphic novel delights will be had. I’m interested in superhero & non-superhero type stuff… I love Frank Miller’s Batman work (in large part because I love Batman!), and I’m enjoying Ex-Machina. But Thompsons Blankets & Delisles Burma Chronicles were just as amazing. Black Hole sounds interesting… we shall def sit down & discuss this upon your return! Bring me any novels you think I’d be interested in 🙂

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