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I Got Inked!

Today, I got my first tattoo! I had a slightly wobbly start, getting very light-headed, but after some Lucozade and Starbursts we were good to go again. After a half hour or so, my inking was complete…


If you’re curious about the story, read on…

The text is Gaelic for ‘the Wild Goose’, which is what the ancient Celts used to call the Holy Spirit. Why? They thought that following God was like chasing a wild goose: it was wild, unpredictable, and you never had any idea where it was going to go next. For me, the tattoo reminds me of my roots in Ireland & Scotland, but of the crazy journey this God of mine is taking me on… it is truly a wild goose chase!

Your shout: Have you got any inkings? If so, what and why?

5 thoughts on “I Got Inked!

  1. love it! i have also considered getting a “wildgoose” tattoo to symbolize the holy spirit. i linked this URL onto pinterest.com to explain the inspiration…hope that’s ok! 🙂

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