Liberia Anyone?

Anyone want to come surfing in Liberia with me?

Check out this unbelievable photo gallery on the BBC website.

I have serious wanderlust right now. Liberia. Sydney. LA. Portland. Kampala. Columbia.

5 thoughts on “Liberia Anyone?

  1. Question: Does it bother you to travel to places alone? I have an urge to travel and see places, but I really don’t like doing it myself. I want to share the experience, and it seems to make it worth it when i can share it.

  2. @ Graeme: nothing wrong with Ireland, and in fact I’m hoping to do a little Ireland road trip this summer sometime!

    @ v02468: I actually really enjoy traveling alone. It’s always going to be a different story for different people, but personally I enjoy the process of traveling alone. I like the flexibility & freedom it gives me. I enjoy meeting new people, trying to get into the culture as much as possible. Which is usually a lot easier if you travel alone – no one else to serve as a comfort, a fall-back. I feel like I’m still sharing my travels: with the people I meet, with the stories on my blog, with my photographs. I get such joy from that kind of traveling. But that’s my own personal story… it will quite probably be different for you! If you want people to travel with, go for it! Try going with folks you know, or arranging to meet folks along the way. Ever tried couchsurfing? Might be worth checking out.

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