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My good friend Ruhiyyih (Rose) got engaged last weekend. I’m posting this as a way of saying a huge CONGRATULATIONS but also, to share their story.

Matt & Rose

[Photo by Stephen Elliot]

“If Jesus can be extravagant with grace, then I can be extravagant with what I have to” the email read.

I stared at the computer screen, fighting tears. A blogging friend, someone I have never met but felt a strong kindred-spirit connection with, had just made the most outrageous offer I’d ever heard.

Read the rest of their engagement story over on Rose’s blog.

2 thoughts on ““Extravagance”

  1. OH thanks for the shout out, Emma!! It is an exciting time. I am just over the moon with joy – but even more, amazed by God’s provision and grace. Matt and I were not even going to get an engagement ring because the cost was out of the question. I feel like the Lord wanted to bless our socks off!

    It is also an amazing lesson on selfless giving – a generosity that is so rare today. I am thinking of ways to honor this family, someday soon. God is good!

    Happy Friday, friend!

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