It Was Safe

In the past few weeks I’ve been making some decisions about what I’m doing post-June. It’s been terrifying & exciting all at once.

I had the opportunity to apply for an amazing job. It was based in a city with a great arts scene. It was good pay. It was part-time & would have given me enough time to pursue some creative endeavors. It included lots of UK travel, satisfying my itchy feet. It involved lots of interaction with the student demographic. It was for a project I believe in wholeheartedly.

It almost seemed like the perfect job for me.

But it was safe.

I don’t want to do youth work for the next ten years just because I can. I don’t want to be a youth worker. I want to be a photographer. I want to travel and take photographs that change the world. I had to make that decision not to apply, not to go for the logical career move.

Instead, I’m going to Sydney in September for 4 months (to start with…).

5 thoughts on “It Was Safe

  1. @ David: thanks! I follow dave already, we have links through a church… actually, i’m not even really sure how that all worked out in the end, but i was at a church that he was either attending or around or friends with someone who attended, a few years back (gosh… thats almost 7 years ago now!) and we’ve kinda been tracking since… it’s an odd story!

    as for loveisgreater… wow! thanks for the link-up!

    @ herbeey: cheers

  2. May you be reminded that Jesus didn’t choose to follow safe paths either. You never cease to inspire me not to settle for anything less than my dreams… love and miss you xox

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