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  • Went to Paper Tiger in Edinburgh for the first time on Tuesday. Can’t believe I never knew this place existed before!
  • Connor, an incredible friend & photographer, just published his first book on Blurb. Leave Only Footprints is a collection of photographs from around the world. Check it out here.
  • “That is morally suspect and morally feeble. It is unfair and irresponsible of the government to put pressure on the public to spend in order to revive the economy.” Anglican Bishops speak out on BBC news.
  • Read the most beautiful graphic novel, Blankets by Craig Thompson.
  • Listening to a lot of Brooke Fraser right now. She’s not afraid to tackle hard subjects.
  • “I often find myself thinking complaints about life, about business or politics or relationships. Anymore, though, when I complain, I am starting to realize that, in part, every ounce of nothingness in life is my fault, because I always have the ability to speak something into it, to create a different reality. A theory that life is meaningless is just an excuse not to try. It’s safe. It’s risk free. It may end in ruin, but it is a ruin we can control, and we know with certainty what will happen. We will be bored. Or worse.” [Don Miller, via Julie]

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