Written All Over You

Yesterday I shoot a little photo project with kirstymac, “Written All Over You”.

Written All Over You

Adjectives. Nouns. I don’t know what you read on my face when you meet me. You know, the saying, it’s written all over your face? I think sometimes it’s a nice little adjective -mysterious, oftentimes it will be truth, other occasions though you won’t know the truth because it’s hiding behind my smiley face.

Adjectives. Nouns. You don’t know what I read on your face when I met you. It was like the saying ‘it’s written all over your face’. Oftentimes it will be truth, other occasions though I wonder about you… I won’t know the truth because it’s hidden. Sometimes I read you like a book, sometimes I think you are that expression written on your face. But today, I wonder what it is you are willing to tell…

You can read a bit about the context here and here on Kirsty’s blog…

… and you can see a few posts from the series here and here.

Keep an eye on her blog for more. The photo’s will be on my flickr.

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