2 thoughts on “Christmas Is Here!

  1. ahem.. where does one acquire this mug? amazin!! secondly, that tripod is Christmas Tree-rific! :o) maybes we can do a ”What makes you feel Christmassy?’ photo collaboration?! I vote for the audio accompaniment to be ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ because it’s lovely… well sung, a treat for the imagination- to ask for someone means you are neither easily pleased nor matierialistic: you’re asking simultaneously for something that won’t cost much and is still priceless… I feel Christmassy in a wooly jumper with the tea lights on, darkness, a movie, eating sweets, smelling that smell… the one that’s cold and out-doorsy, like a pair of leather boots in the snow but that settles only after 80% of Glasgow is home for the night. It’s a calm, late night smell that you get back home most of the time cos it’s the country, but in glasgow it comes between 12am and 8am… yum yum yum

    and gingerbread.

  2. @ kirsty: i got the mug in au natural (in town)… it’s great! makes me think of starbucks red cups, without being there. i also love Glasgow in the late evening, when most people are home…

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