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Climate Change: The Evidence & The Options

Chris Rapley, Directory of the Science Museum in London, gave the first plenary session this morning.

  • A highly complex earth system – huge numbers of interactions.
  • “Ecosystem services” – essential for life.
  • Energy is at the core of success – “all progress derives from the inexhaustible desire to live beyond our means.”
  • Move from organic fuels to fossil fuels.
  • Energy generated prosperity and dependancy.
  • The ocean has become more acidic – soaks up some of the CO2 we release.
  • Temperature fluctuations over ice age periods: standard high cap of 280ppm. Current high of 350ppm.
  • “Decarbonising humankind”
  • Mitigation, adaptation, and remediation.
  • Disconnect between urban people and the ecology.
  • Someone who is hungry has other priorities.
  • Partnership required between individuals, government and business.
  • The technological solutions are out there – it’s leadership that’s required. We need moral leadership.

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