8 thoughts on “Decided

  1. @ ally: haha cheers mate!

    @ jonny: unfortunately not. i apologise for the vagueness… its something I can’t share with everyone, but I needed to verbally have it written somewhere public that I am going to do it, so that its in the public domain and people can point me back to it & to my committment to it if I dont follow through. so sorry, but cant elaborate on this one – yet anyway, maybe someday in the future!

  2. What Jill said. I’m proud of you and everything else I said yesterday…. Hope u had a good time at George’s. Andrew told me that she had ‘another woman’ today…

  3. @ rick: cheers for the laughs if nothing else!!

    @ rose: unfort not moving to DC… considering some options for next year that may involve living in the US for a while, but no definites yet, just ideas!!

    @ jill & holly: you girls rock. thank you. hols – george does have another woman, i’m stealing her! ha!

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