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Social Media at NYA2008

One of the four streams of conversation this weekend at the NYA is the issue of social media and how it impacts us. We looked briefly at seven different spaces:

  1. Secret spaces (text, IM)
  2. Group spaces (Facebook, Bebo)
  3. Publishing spaces (blog, flickr)
  4. Performing spaces (Second Life)
  5. Participating spaces (marches, meetings)
  6. Watching spaces (TV, theatre, gigs)

We talked a lot about what the future of media looks like, and about the need to find appropriate filters for the media, otherwise we will be bombarded with an information overload. We also discussed whether the immediacy of news was a good or a bad thing.

Loved these quotes:

“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.”
[James Bertrand]

“It was the end of something. It was the beginning of everything.”
[From a Nokia ad campaign – see below]

“Tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.”
[Clay Shirkey]

“If it’s worth creating, it’s worth sharing.”
[Stewart Cutler]

3 thoughts on “Social Media at NYA2008

  1. it was good craic trying to catch a glimpse into the conference whilst not actually being there.. !

    interesting quotes..
    1st one.. get the jist of it – two wee thoughts come to mind. One of them is something along the lines of this, where its more a case of _and_ rather than _or_ when talking about style or values.
    Another thought is that with the changing of things does require big changes and adaptions with regard to the media that are used.. (having recorded sermons in an rss feed isn’t really a podcast, neither typed ones as blog posts.. which kinda leads into “medium is the message” and Mcluhan and all that jazz.. but that’s another rabbit hole, albeit an interesting one!). In that sense the quote hits the nail on the head.

    Quotes 3 & 4… spot on! they’re going into the “i’ll have to remember those quotes” area of my good intentions!

  2. @ stewart: indeed, I meant the talent stewart! have edited & linked you up!

    @ neal: was fun to see your tweets coming in every now & again! as for the first quote – thanks for that link, some very interesting thoughts. i do think i see myself as wanting to be firmly in the hyphenated camp, but then it also reflects on the church I go to… or rather now as I find myself flitting between two! medium as message is always an interesting debate… one for another blog post i feel?! maybe we should get some thoughts/ dialogue going on that one soon…!

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