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I feel like I haven’t really stopped since I got back from East Africa… so it’s nice to be settling back into the flat in Glasgow, and having no plans for the next few days.

I spent the weekend at Greenbelt, and had a blast getting to know some of the new Christian Aid gappers and other staff. Got to hear a few talks (Pete Rollins & Brian McLaren), some good music (Relentless Craving, Yvonne Lyon, Jose Gonzalez), and catch up with some friends I havent seen in a long time (Foy and others). I’ll post some notes and photos etc soon.

I’m still uploading photos from my trip to East Africa. Have finished editing and sent the stuff off to the FOL office – was very cool to see a sneak peak of the new website, which looks great. Keep an eye out for it in the near future! Keep checking the flickr, there will be new photos daily.

Yesterday I took a trip over to Dunfermline to hang out with a wonderful new friend, a girl I met in Uganda. It was great to spend some time together again, though took us both a while to get over the whole “we’re together, in Scotland” thing! It wasn’t long enough though!

I’m starting my new job on Wed… all a bit scary and exciting!

2 thoughts on “Recent Stuff

  1. bonjourr,
    i’m sam,
    this is a pretty sweet blog, only browsed it before. i really enjoyed jose gonzalez at greenbelt too.
    you’re into don miller? i’ve just finished blue like jazz, that was refreshing.
    didn’t know too many people in the uk read his stuff.

    oh, i play drums for relentless craving.

  2. @ sam: welcome! thanks for the comment. I only managed to catch one song of relentless craving playing in the ymca tent, but I liked what I heard, picked up your ep. summers just begun and wednesday are on repeat on my itunes at the minute. glad you found ‘blue like jazz’ refreshing – i personally much preferred ‘searching for God knows what’ – you should give it a read too.

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