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I was checking my blog stats today when I noticed some folks have been referred here by a site called ScottishChristian.com… I was intrigued!

This appendage of Scottish Christian.com celebrates blogs by Scots in Scotland, Scots furth of Scotland, non-Scots in Scotland, and churches using weblogs for content management and immediacy.

I found myself listed in their blog directory, and not really sure what I was expecting, but in their “blog by category” section I am listed under “Independent”… I think thats good?

Kept me amused at least…

3 thoughts on “ScottishChristian.com

  1. @ neal: yea, i saw you in the emerging category… funny eh?! happily married i hope! look forward to catching you in glasgow sometime soon.

    @ harriison: yep, you’re on there. anybody know where this came from?!

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