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Waiting :: Editing :: Coffee

I’m passing time waiting for a train to Portrush this morning – working in my friend Trev’s cafe for a few days – and thought I’d be productive and do some more photo editing as I wait. So here I am, sitting in McDonalds in Ballymena, with free wifi – is it just me or is that a new thing?!

Welcome to Northern Ireland: land of no early or late opening places to eat/drink, land of “interesting” public transport that runs at incredibly awkward times. In fairness, they are upgrading the trains, but still… I need to be at work for 12noon, and its about 45miles away… I left my house at 8am to get a lift to Ballymena, to get a train to Coleraine, to change and get another train to Portrush… makes me appreciate Glasgow a lot more!

So, I’m sitting in McDonalds, with a large coffee, editing.

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[For the life of me I cannot make this picture rotate]

5 thoughts on “Waiting :: Editing :: Coffee

  1. I am just about to sit down and start photo editing my Pemba photos myself, so I thought I’d drop you a wee hello! I’m just back (this morning) from Dar Es Salaam, so am utterly exhausted, but selfishly happy to be back in the luxury and comforts of european suburbia! I haven’t had a decent chance to look at your snaps from your Africa travels but am looking forward to it!
    I really wanna see you and have a proper catch up session as soon as I am back in Glasgow, which should be in exactly three weeks (three whole weeks! Unbearable!), lots to chat about! Is that a date?
    Send me news of how you’re doing if you should feel like it!

  2. Hola!!
    Ive just been catching up on your life by reading lots of your blog entries! CLASS! Lots of inspiring stuff, so thank you lots and lots for posting it. Cant wait to see you again! byes!

  3. Lady! i just had a look at your photos properly, there are some true jewels in there! You’ve got a skill for getting the light right! Everything is so vibrant and sharp, I’m terribly jealous!
    Look forward to seeing ya soon, dear!

  4. @ Rose: thanks! weekend at greenbelt festival with the other gappers was great.

    @ Lyndz: Cheers! Glad you are enjoying.

    @ Fran: Thanks! look forward very much to a LOOONG day/afternoon/evening/whatever of chatting, coffee, wine, photos and stories!

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