Eat Pray Love

“I never see visions. I never have transcendent experiences-”
“You wanna see pretty colors? Or you wanna know the truth about yourself? What’s your intention?”

“He’s the master I need when I’m really struggling, because I can curse him and show him all my failures and flaws and all he does is laugh. Laugh and love me.”

Suffice to say this book is pretty much rocking my world right now.

3 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love

  1. i still haven’t finished the “love” section. “eat” and “pray” were true milestones in my life. it was like i read them at the exact perfect time when they were fully relevant to my season. i feel like the reason i haven’t finished “love” is simply because in my life, I’m on in the “love” third of the book yet….if that makes sense….


  2. @ juliebelle: yea, it makes a lot of sense… i feel like this book is changing my life. several of the things I’ve read have made me stop dead in my tracks, have opened my eyes, have given me new perspectives. i’m kinda excited by it! and eager to put it into practice…

  3. i loved that book… it made a lot of sense and is one i plan to reread soon.. currently it’s sittingon my parents bookshelf.
    glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

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