Grace’s Introduction

On Saturday I went to Grace’s “introduction”, a kind of Ugandan pre-wedding wedding. It was the longest I’ve ever sat still in my whole life… we must have sat for about 5 hours before we left, and it still wasn’t over then! There are a lot of speeches, and role-play type things, the bride finding the groom, giving gifts, the fathers agreeing upon a gift for the daughter, lots of traditional music and dance. It was definitely a very cultural experience, although not one I plan to repeat anytime soon!

A few snaps:

Grace's Introduction (1)

Grace's Introduction (4)

Grace's Introduction (8)

Grace's Introduction (9)

One thought on “Grace’s Introduction

  1. Hey sweetie, these pics are awesome! Praying God will continue to use your gifts to further the Kingdom…Hugs and prayers xox

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