Emmaus Guesthouse

Thought I’d give you guys a wee glimpse of one of the FOL guesthouses, Emmaus. I’m currently staying in their other guesthouse, Shalom, but Emmaus is just up the road a short walk, and it has stunning views out over the countryside & the city…

Emmaus View (1)

Emmaus View (2)

Emmaus View (3)

Not bad, eh?! Check out the Fields Of Life website to see more of what the charity does. There isn’t much information on the guesthouse online (in fact, there’s pretty much none!), but I’m working on that! I’m designing a brochure for the guesthouses which will either be put online as a PDF or reworked into the site to include online booking.

8 thoughts on “Emmaus Guesthouse

  1. Awesome! How is that weather? 🙂 Hey I also found out I will be celebrating the Fourth of July at the US Embassy, strangely. I guess it is kinda a big deal 🙂

  2. @ rickhill: thanks so much for the encouragement rick! here’s hoping this stretches me creatively, would love to be doing more of this kind of work!

  3. Hi Emma
    I am the Irish Operations Manager for FOL. I wish to advise you that we have some concerns about your comments realting to the guesthouses and the production of brochures, etc. The guest houses have not been publicised for a very specific reason and this was a decision taken at a Strategy Team level. Secondly the organisation is currently undertaking a major website refurbishment. You should not undertake any promotional photography for brochures or website planning without first speaking to one of our team here in Ireland (preferably Sharon mcKimm)

  4. @ Stephen: Apologies I have overstepped the mark! I was only working on the info I have been given at this end, which was being asked to put something together. But we can sort that out! I’ll drop you an email when I get back from the field today.

  5. No worries Emma. You haven’t overstepped any mark. I didn’t expect my comment to go public. Please just remove my comment if you can. It wasn’t meant as a telling off. It was just a small point of info to try and ensure you don’t do a lot of work that wouldn’t match what is being planned. We’d be delighted with your help but you should have a chat with Sharon in Dublin. She is in charge of our refurb. She used to work for Microsoft and has so far created an excellent new website with our tech support guys which will go live in the autumn. We definately need a gusethouse area on it now that has been approved but we need you guys to agree a strategy. Hope to bump into you soon. Trev, the boss, Sharon and I are over in Kampala next week for a fairly intensive week with the staff so we’ll get a chat then.

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