I’ve spent the last few days taking in lots of creativity here… from photography to sculpture to painting and everything in between.

On Friday I went to the Natural History Museum to see an exhibition titled Nature’s Best Photography. There were some really stunning images, although I must confess my favourite wasn’t a winner but a highly commended one. I can’t remember the photographers name, but here’s the image…

On Saturday after watching the game (did I mention, 34-13?!) I headed to the National Portrait Gallery / American Art Museum with the intention of seeing Let Your Motto Be Resistance again, which I did. I also however, managed to read lots of quotes which they have all over the walls (I love quotes!), and see an exhibition of art by John Alexander. I’d never heard of Alexander before, but apparently he is “internationally renowned for his paintings and drawings, which convey humor, rage and a robust appreciation of the human and natural world.” I really like his stuff. He has the most eclectic style, you would hardly guess from looking at one painting to the next that they were both his. The three images below are all from his work…

I also found this really interested painting by a guy called Howard Finster, titled “The Lord Will Deliver His People Across Jordan”. The Reverend Howard Finster (December 2, 1916- October 22, 2001) was a folk artist from Summerville, Georgia who claimed to be inspired by God to spread the gospel through the environment of Paradise Garden and over 46,000 pieces of art [via wikipedia].

[View large here to see more details.]

All in all quite an interesting few days of artistic experiences!

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