Bare My Soul

Rowboat (B&W)

strip it all away
so i am naked and vulnerable
before You
til there’s only me and You
in our secret place
of intimacy
tear down the barriers
the walls of fear
i erect
let them lie in ruins
before Your love

[ Written during church on Sunday ]

3 thoughts on “Bare My Soul

  1. didn’t know if you took this pic or not….if you did, it’s AMAZING!!

    if you didn’t, it’s still AMAZING!!! : )

    wow, wow, wow!! if you did take it, where was it taken?

  2. @ rbmarler: yep, this is a shot I took the last time I was in Latvia, at Christmas. thanks for the compliment! I like it a lot too.

    @ suz: scary feelings… good feelings… mixture of every possible feeling… feelings…

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