Open My Eyes

Open our eyes Lord,
Especially if they are half-shut, because we are tired of looking
Or half-open, because we’re afraid of what we might see
Open them wide so that we are aware in the midst of the darkness this Christmas, of signs of hope and light speaking to us of the birth of liberation.
Open our eyes to see the hope that the hungry will be satisfied.
Open our eyes to see the hope that change can come in oppressive regimes;
Open our eyes to see the hope that the baby brings.
And lest our courage fails us,
Open our eyes today, tomorrow or this week, to one person, or one place where we can be the very embodiment of hope. In the countryside, in the cities, through the corridors of power and the streets of despair, to help, to heal, to confront, to convert.
O Come O come Emmanuel

H/T: Glenn

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