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One More Lesson In Priorities

I just blogged about Leopard. Yes, I want it. I got caught up in watching the video of its features. It looks great.

I can be so flippant sometimes!

I talk of changing the world, but I just keep changing the channel.

This has been a long week.

A guy from home who was an inspiration to me, even though I didn’t know him well personally, just lost his battle with cancer. Dave was a worshipper who inspired me.

Another guy from home, John, is battling with depression still. He’s not doing great.

And I’m thinking about Leopard? God, change me.

4 thoughts on “One More Lesson In Priorities

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself dearie. The end of desire for something is probably the end of being alive. It’s not because you want something that might seem selfish to you, and for yourself that all the other altruistic things you do for others get erased. After all, some of your responsibility is towards yourself, too! It’s important to aim to become a better person, but unrealistic to expect yourself to always be perfect.
    Hope you’re doing ok, what are you up to tonight? Let me know if you’re not up to anything (I wasn’t sure if you were away on the house party thingy or not) and if you want to come over for a cup of tea or something…

  2. By the way, I just found a photograph of a GORGEOUS human being (of the male variety) in your pics from latvia. Who is he? The boy with the black teeshirt… Sorry that this entry is probably very very innapropriate, but this is important.

    Thanks for coming over tonight!

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