The Science Of Sleep

Watched this amazing flim the other night with my flatmate Rosie. It’s written and directed by the same guy who made Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, one of my favourite films. It’s such a superb little quirky film, I loved it. I really like that artsy, thinking kinda film (like Eternal Sunshine, and Punch Drunk Love). There were some genuis quotes, some quite profound as well…

Stephane: Tonight I’ll show you how dreams are prepared, love, friendships, relationships. All those ships.

Stephane: The brain is such an amazing organism, and it sits just behind your nose! (Couldn’t quite re

Stéphanie: Everything will turn out the way you want, if you stop doubting that I love you.

Stéphanie: Why me?
Stephane: Because everyone else is boring. And because you are different.

7 thoughts on “The Science Of Sleep

  1. I’ve been wanting to see that film for at least a year! Do you own it or did you rent it? Because if you own it I would LOVE to borrow it sometime.
    I went on a photo-walk today instead of working and I feel so refreshed! It had been a while!

  2. Oh cool! I like the pictures. We rented from Rosies LoveFilm account thing, so think we’ve got it for a while… perhaps we could watch it tgether some night? (I wanna see it again lol!)

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